Open Court Moves with Reaction

In the drill, the coach puts up a hand on either side, and the player has to react and attack opposite of the hand. We have instituted a rule that if the hand is opposite the dribble, rather than go in a straight line or hesitate, the player has to make a double move. Read more

Patience and speed in offensive basketball

Watch an NBA game. Those guys move so quickly. However, it appears like they are moving slowly. Watch a high school or youth game. In comparison, those players move so slowly, but they appear to move too quickly.  Read more

Pass, Cut, & Fill 1v1 Drill

Here is the Pass, Cut, & Fill 1v1 Drill from the Playmakers Basketball Development League curriculum:

Canada Transition 1v1 (Half-court)

Here is the Canada Transition Drill from the Playmakers Basketball Development League curriculum. This version is played on the half court rather than as a full-court drill due to the space constraints and number of players in the gym.

  • What Is A Playmaker?

    Who decided that a point guard has to be small? More importantly, what is a point guard? We expect a point guard to be a leader and have a high basketball I.Q. Why don’t we expect or challenge all players to develop this game awareness? Why rely on only one player? Read more →
  • The PBDL Concept

    English soccer academies wait until players are 11 to play full 11v11 soccer; in Italy, youth basketball players participate in skill-oriented clinics at 6-years-old, but start competitive games at 12. In the United States, kids play 5v5 full court games and compete for national championships when they are 8-years-old.

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  • Starting A PBDL

    The PBDL emphasizes learning and development. Presently, players and parents have numerous recreation options - leagues based on fun and equal participation, typically for beginners - and numerous competitive opportunities - teams focused on strategy, game preparation and winning. There are few true development leagues - until now.

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