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Small-Sided Game: Swing and Attack

by Paul Cortes
Head JV Boys Coach, Jewish Community High School of the Bay
Youth Basketball Coach, San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department
AAU Coach, Bay City Basketball

I have a lot of different small-sided games and competitive drills that I like to use with my teams. Most of them are ones that I’ve stolen from other coaches, but here’s one that I created myself to work on reversing the ball into a 1v1 situation.

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Super Six Two-Ball Dribbling Drills

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Maravich Drills

Reactive Attacking Moves Drill

Not a perfect drill, as players do not react to a person lifting her arm during games, but better than a drill with no reaction or a cone that allows players to pre-plan their moves.

Perfect Square Dribbling Drill

Scissors Drill

5-Person Partner Shooting Drill

4-Person Partner Shooting Drill

3-Person Partner Shooting Drill

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