Athleticism and long-distance running for basketball

by on January 25, 2015
in Conditioning

“‘What do you know about athleticism? What purpose do these long runs have other than to hurt your back?’ He [Pep Guardiola] chuckles again and continues: ‘Now they’ll come back thinking they’ve trained hard because they’ve had a 15-minute run, but it’s just placebo effect. They think that when they’re doing these positioning exercises that they’re not working.’

Lorenzo Buenaventura, who is working alongside Pep, explains: ‘Initially they were a bit taken aback that we weren’t asking for 1000-m sprints, even though Bayern were already the least traditional of German teams….

‘There’s not a huge difference between what we do and other training methods in terms of intensity and volume of work….We value quality over quantity and prefer to do more high-quality exercises together than spend time doing long stints of physical training.'”

From Pep Confidential: Inside Pep Guardiola’s First Season at Bayern (Perarnau, 2014)

By Brian McCormick, PhD
Director of Coaching, Playmakers Basketball Development League
Author, The 21st Century Basketball Practice

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