A handful of shooting drills for individual workouts

Working out individually does not allow one to take true game shots because the shooter does not have a passing option or a defender. However, many players invest time practicing their shot on their own or with an individual trainer, and here are a few drills that players can use. 

I have reduced the amount of form shooting that I did because the shots are not game realistic and often develop a technique other than the technique that one uses in games. Therefore, players essentially learn two skills: One skill for form shooting drills and one for games. Why have a separate skill simply for form shooting drills?

One-hand form shooting presents even more problems:

Instead, I start with simple catch-and-shoot drills:

Or, by oneself:

The next step is shooting off a curl toward the basket:

Or, a similar-type drill by oneself:

Finally, a drill that adds some variety:

And, a drill that uses shots off the dribble:

Not the best drills because of the lack of defense and passing options, but when practicing by oneself, a player has to sacrifice something.

By Brian McCormick, PhD
Director of Coaching, Playmakers Basketball Development League
Author, The 21st Century Basketball Practice and Fake Fundamentals

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