Six Ways to Become a Better Coach

I am a sports enthusiast; so I search and read information from other sports, especially track, soccer and tennis. I found this article on Elite Track:

The Six Ways to Be a Better Coach

1. Educate your self in sports sciences.
2. Treat each athlete as an individual.
3. Think critically.
4. Be creative.
5. Be flexible.
6. Don’t get complacent.

Few articles are as accurate as this, and Michael Young’s list echoes my criticism.

  • What Is A Playmaker?

    Who decided that a point guard has to be small? More importantly, what is a point guard? We expect a point guard to be a leader and have a high basketball I.Q. Why don’t we expect or challenge all players to develop this game awareness? Why rely on only one player? Read more →
  • The PBDL Concept

    English soccer academies wait until players are 11 to play full 11v11 soccer; in Italy, youth basketball players participate in skill-oriented clinics at 6-years-old, but start competitive games at 12. In the United States, kids play 5v5 full court games and compete for national championships when they are 8-years-old.

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  • Starting A PBDL

    The PBDL emphasizes learning and development. Presently, players and parents have numerous recreation options - leagues based on fun and equal participation, typically for beginners - and numerous competitive opportunities - teams focused on strategy, game preparation and winning. There are few true development leagues - until now.

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